Bus Wraps & Graphics

We provide affordable, efficient, and detailed bus wraps and signs for those that are interested in converting their bus into a decorated or branded vehicle.


There are many benefits to decorating and covering buses and other large vehicles. For businesses, such as hotels and limousine companies, adding a bus wrap to your vehicle to become its own low-cost advertisement for your products and services


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- 48 hours to send initial design.
- Work 1 on 1 with our design team.
- Approve design & schedule installation.
- Installation takes from 1 to 2 days.

Things that we need

1. Your Logo in high resolution (Vector File)
2. All information (name, phone, email...)
3. Photo of actual Bus (from side)
4. Any concepts, or ideas you might have
5. Anything else you think we should know


Call us or send an email for pricing.


Factors that affect pricing:

- Total length of your trailer

- Total graphics coverage
- Covering or not covering Cab


3 Years warranty for any damages such as:

- Peeling off

- Bubbling

- Color fading

Let's Talk About Your Project

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